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We follow our customers supply chain needs, and design for them the best logistic solution 

Logistics is the key to international trade. Customers always find our compromise and our flexibility to leverage their business projects and to create value in every forwarding activity


To be a solid reference in the logistics industry, always supporting customer’s growth and personal welfare

Grow Logistics

core values

Commitment to customer’s dreams

We are committed to make customers dreams real

Integrity and corporate governance

We are responsible for all what we do, following legal rules and regulations

Proficiency, experience and knowledge

We are more than the sum of our knowledge and experience. Team proficiency guarantees customer delight

gustavo esposito.jpeg


Gustavo Esposito began to sum up professional skills and experience by 1995, just after his graduation (International Commerce) as salesman and customer service in Wilson. Early enough, two years later, he founded HIGH FLIGHT LOGISTICS. After almost 20 years of successful activity, by 2020, Gustavo decided to run GROW LOGISTICS, a completely new development, widening his offer to several new business fields and harnessing the growing worldwide digital tendency. Gustavo’s team members are highly motivated, customer focused professionals, covering all branches of logistic operation in all business fields, and strongly willing to support companies of all sizes and specializations, identifying value adding opportunities.

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